Patient Testimonials
See what our patient's are saying about us and our procedures. They are our best form of testimony. Visit to get more comments from our clients.


"I came to Dr Turok for an honest assessment of my areas of concern. I recieved this and much more. I found Dr Turok to be a remarkably gifted surgeion who practices open and clear communication.

He is surrounded by a compassionate team who I feel holds genuine interest for my health, satisfaction and well-being. Each experience, from the initial phone inquiry to the ease of recovery and wonderful results, has been just terrific.

My only regret is that I did not disco ver Dr. turok sooner. Coming from a prior negative cosmetic surgical experience, I was careful both in research and commitment. I selected Dr Turok for his qualifications and candor. I am astonished by the results of his use of lasers to firm the surrounding skin."



"I would highly recommend Dr. Turok to anyone considering SmartLipo. Their professionalism, expertise and care were exceptional from start to finish. The information provided was thorough and easy to understand and Dr. Turok and staff followed up every step of the way.

I had previous traditional liposuction on my lower abdomen 12 years earlier. This procedure left me with an uneven appearance in my abdomen. It was awful looking and made me very self conscious. I met with Dr. Turok for a consultation and decided that SmartLipo was for me! I had SmartLipo done on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and bra pads.

After surgery I was amazed at the results. I am now one-month post op and loving the results. He got rid of the uneven appearance in my abdomen and I have no bulges at my love handles or bra strap! The down time after surgery was nothing. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and went back to work that Friday.

Thank you Dr. Turok and your fantastic team. I love my new body! I should have done SmartLipo years ago!"



“I had the cool lipo procedure done on Jan 2 2009 as a new years resolution gift to myself. It is now nearly 2 months later and with each day I am reassured it was the best investment I had ever made in myself.  Im a 45 yr old guy with an average/not overly muscled, but athletic build who works out 3-5 days a week to stay toned-- certainly not a gym rat!

After spending the last 2-3 years trying everything to lose the love handles and the middle aged "pinch an inch or two" around the midsection, I decided that this year I would hire a personal trainer and hit the gym harder while starving myself on a vegetarian diet. After weighing the costs and the absolute commitment needed to get results I wanted fast, I decided to evaluate Cool Lipo as an alternative.  In researching more about this wonderful new procedure on the  site and others, I learned that it was less invasive, had quicker recovery and for me... was nearly painless ( a huge factor for a guy!).  I found Dr Turok after completing the online request to get more info.  Dr Turok  is a board certified neurologist. with a passion for perfecting the use of lasers for surgical procedures.  He also trains other purely cosmetic surgery doctors on the proper use of lasers in the cool lipo procedure.

Fast forward to today and looking back…the entire experience was easy!.  The results were immediate - No more love handles and a flat stomach!  Bruising was minimal, recovery time was a matter of days and the only pain was the equivalent of doing 300 situps and having stiff abs for a week or so.  Now, two months later -- the 15 or so tiny incision areas around my midsection have all healed and are nearly faded away ( they look like tiny bug bites) and within 6 months they should disappear completely. 

For anyone considering this procedure, I highly recommend it.  Treat yourself now and enjoy the results forever."



I recently had the opportunity to experience Cool Lipo with Dr. Turok. There is nothing like being able to improve the look of your body considerably while still being awake and knowing everything that is happening to you. You are in full conversation with the doctor and nurses throughout the procedure and remembering it all. I was able to walk out of the operating room with no pain. The next day I drove to work like nothing happened.

The experience was so good I plan on doing it again on another part of the body very soon


I recently had the pleasure of the “Dr. Turok Cool-Lipo Experience”. 

I routinely exercise and started body building two years ago. I was interested in this new Cool-Lipo when it was first introduced and have followed its progress over the last 15 months. Recently, I started searching for someone who could help me with my “problem areas”, where as hard as I seemed impossible to lose excess fat/inches.

I am very cautious and selective in choosing the right Doctor. Dr. Turok was very helpful in setting realistic expectations and assured me that “Safety Comes First”.

During the procedure, Dr. Turok’s technique and gentle disposition exceeded my expectations. In addition, Audrey, Dr. Turok’s assistant, is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with, as she is very generous with her time and made sure I was comfortable and satisfied throughout the process.

The results are fantastic! After just a few days, I am a couple inches smaller around my waist, flanks and lower back section.

I found Dr. Turok and his staff to be extremely helpful and understanding during every aspect of my cosmetic surgery decision.  The lipo procedure that I underwent was handled in the most professional and caring manner I could ever have asked.  I highly recommend Dr. Turok and his wonderful staff!!!


Life CAN begin at “60”…and thanks to Dr. Turok and SmartLipo it can begin with a flat tummy!! I had to think long and hard about having this procedure. Was I being foolish, am I too old, should I just give up my 25 year dream of eliminating my ”big baby bulge”? I was nervous about the surgery and concerned about the cost. But, after meeting the skilled Dr. David Turok and his fabulous staff, I made my decision in a week. They even helped my financial drawbacks with a no interest payment plan. I am so happy I did this !!! The procedure itself was a “piece of cake” and the recovery was swift with steady improvement. The follow-up care by the staff is incredible. They are warm, thoughtful and professional. I never felt like their patient, I felt like their friend. Thank you for the comfort that gave me. This was a rewarding experience and I have recommended it to all my friends.




I am so happy with my experiences with Dr. Turok, Audrey, Katie, Theresa, Robin, and Danielle. Everyone was caring and knowledgeable from start to finish. All my questions were answered and the procedures were explained thoroughly. I knew I had made the right decision to have the procedures done, every time I talked with Dr. Turok or one of his staff. It does feel like a family that cares for you. My results are awesome. I am very, very happy with the way I feel and my new look. Thanks to all of you!!!!



I first contacted Dr. Turok's office when I was deployed in Afghanistan and I have got to say that Audrey was absolutely amazing considering we were coordinating from across the world. I am a female that works out hard, 5-6 times a week, heavy lifting, and very healthy eating in order to maintain a very toned body. I discussed with Dr. Turok and Theresa that although for years I've put in a lot of hard work on my body, I could never get rid of the excess fat around my stomach and back. They were so caring and professional about my self-doubts that I absolutely trusted them with their plan to do cool lipo. Dr. Turok opened his office for me on Sunday for the procedure since I was on a time crunch home on leave from Afghanistan. Audrey, Theresa and Dr. Turok were so caring and eased my nerves before surgery. So quick, so painless. Since I was from out of town, Theresa drove me to the hotel I was in so that I could recover. Audrey was right on the dot when explaining how I would feel during recovery, so I wasn't shocked with the minor aches and pains that accompany lipo. I have maintained contact with Dr. Turok's office, and have even had some lip fillers with Theresa which are absolutely perfect! It has been a year since my procedure, and I know that have made the right choice in choosing Dr. Turok's office for my procedure. I've lost inches, the incisions are invisible and my skin is perfectly tight. I would trust them in any further surgeries and fully suggest that anyone considering cool lipo would choose Dr. Turok.



Dr Turok and ALL of his staff are wonderful. Everyone is super nice, helpful and supportive.



I've never had such a pleasant experience with any staff members. I couldn't believe the amount of time they spent with me. They made me feel like I was their only concern. It was a long visit, but felt like I was appreciated and important, so I didn't mind the extra time they took. Everyone was friendly and attentive, not at all like 'take a number and wait' places. Guess I'm use to a big business type of office, but this small town, small office approach was amazing. I've had a procedure in Feb, and went back for another body part in April. I drove an hour each way and it's worth it, and with the cost being below other reputable offices, it was still worth the drive. The Zerona treatments were included in the price and not extra. They even threw in a free microdermabrasion because I had to wait due to a delay in starting my 2nd procedure. I cannot say enough nice things...and my abdomen looks great after only 1 week. Thanks to you all!



I have had more than one laser-lipo procedure done by Dr. Turok and my experience with him and his staff was great. The Dr. and staff are safe, knowledgeable, and caring. The results of my procedures are excellent and that is what Dr. Turok strives for. I will definetely go back to him in the future if I need a different area worked on.



I have recieved such wonderful care from Dr. Turok and his staff I cannot say enough! I feel very lucky to have found him. I am very happy with my results and with all of the follow up and care I have received after my procedure. They really care about you. Very professional and exceptional. I would recomend to anyone.


I visited multiple doctors and had many consults before I committed to any surgery. Dr. Turok, Audrey and Theresa treated me like family (a good family LOL). They genuinely cared about me, where realistic and setting expectations, sweet and caring. And the work was top drawer. I would highly recommend Dr. Turok for laser lipo or eyelid work. He rocks (and lets you choose your own music for procedures as well). Theresa may be the most skilled artist when it comes to using Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse. She truly knows how to sculpt a more beautiful face while doing it safely. I have referred many patients to Theresa and once they work with her they are in love with her talent, personality and vision for what they can be. Finally there is Audrey, she is the nurse who runs the day to day operation. Audrey quickly becomes your new best friend, tells it like it is and will jump through hoops for almost any patient.


Dr. Turok & his staff are very professional, caring & friendly. Dr. Turok's work is exceptional & I highly recommend him to anybody!



I had a wonderful experience with Dr Turok and his entire staff. I recently went through a Smart Lipo procedure to reshape my abdominals, waistline and so called "muffin top". The staff put my nervousness at ease, answering all my questions prior to the procedure, during the consultation, the appointment itself and follow up appointments/treatments for the following week. Naturally I was nervous to undergo this procedure but every step of the way the staff reassured me and answered all my questions. It's been about one and a half weeks and i'm healingright on schedule, actually did a light run/walk yesterday and it felt great. I love my new look...all the hard work I do at the gym could never get me to a point where I was happy with my appearance. Now I am ! Thank you Dr Turok and his small team for everything.



Dr. Turok performed Laser-assisted Lipo Suction procedures for me and I am so happy with the results. I am not completely healed yet but the difference is fantastic. I no longer have fat on my back, my double chin is disappearing as the water retention diminishes and my hips are improving everyday. I feel like I have erased at least 10 years from my appearance. My husband is also very pleased with the results and has been very supportive of me. Audry and Theresa are wonderful. They are so into the patients and take an active role to ensure that everyone gets the best service. The procedures are reasonably priced - but for the attention Dr. Turok gives your body it is a deal! Thank you Dr. Turok.



I have had 2 procedures with Dr Turok for Laser-assisted Lipo Suction. He is awesome and so is my new body. He took histime with me at the consult and in surgery he was a perfectionist. I tell all my friends how knowledge and talented he is at this procedure. He has been doing the procedure for a long time and you can tell.